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Extremely Useful SEO Checklist for the Website Designer

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We always came across clients who have built their websites by some agencies. Most of the times, we are surprised to know that the websites lack some essential aspects of site build. It is difficult to know this, particularly when you don’t understand what you are searching for. Here you will get to know extremely useful SEO checklist for the website designer to ensure your website is optimized for the offset.


Heading structure is imperative for on-page SEO. Headers help search engines to know which parts of your content are essential. H1 is a title tag that signifies the title of your content. At that point, there are H2 headers that are subheadings of the content. They split the content into different sections, making it easier to read. An excellent heading structure will make your content to appear in top search engine results.


If you have big images on your website, this will slow the site speed. Large images set aside a more time to load, and hence slow your website. Search engines will penalize the website having slow speed, so this is certainly something need to avoid. To anticipate the slow speed of the website, optimize all your images to keep your website to load fast.

Another important SEO practice to get your website designer to finish is adding alt-tags to every image. Alt- tags give key data to site visitors if the images unable to load. They likewise give search engines additional data about what the image is all about.


Keywords are included in the content, headers, meta-descriptions, and alt-tags. They are the fundamental words that characterize what your content is all about. This keyword makes search engines to rank your website and pages effectively.


Site security also offers a ranking factor. In case your website isn’t secure, it might be regarded unsafe, which means visitors will become less. This is particularly essential for an e-commerce website or any other website where there is payment gateway.


You may not think you need a blog, but rather they are incredible for SEO. With the help of blog page, you can always able to write and upload content with your keywords so that the website will remain active. It will help to enhance your domain and page authority and ultimately improve your ranking. In addition to this, you can also stand up for yourself as a leading business voice. Hence, Google can see that your website is regularly updated and active.

There are lots of things you need to expect from your website designer, for which you need to hire a reliable and best website designer in India. For any specific information on this topic, you can contact us.

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